Coin Master Pets: Your Loyal Companions

Coin Master is not just a game of spins and coins; it’s a world where loyal and adorable animals accompany you on your journey. These pets aren’t just for show; they offer cool bonuses that can help you ascend to the coveted title of Coin Master. Ever wondered how to hatch them or maximize their benefits? Let’s dive in!

Hatching and Activating Your Pets

In the Coin Master game menu, there’s a special pet screen where you can hatch these delightful creatures. Want to find out where your pets are? Just tap on the Egg located right beneath the slot machine. It’s as simple as that!

Once you tap on the egg, your pet springs to life, ready to bestow upon you their unique bonuses. But remember, these bonuses aren’t forever. They last for a mere 4 hours. After this, your pet, tired from all the excitement, will take a nap, and you’ll have to wait to enjoy their effects again.

Did your pet fall asleep? No worries! You can always speed up their recovery. How? Feed them treats, of course! If you’re impatient, you can even spend real money to get food instantly. And guess what? You can also win treats from the coin master free spins on the slot machine. It’s a win-win!

Leveling Up Your Pets

Want to make your pets even more powerful? Give them XP potions! These potions enhance the effects your pets grant. And just like treats, there’s a chance to win XP potions when you use your daily spins on the slots machine.

Meet the Pets

1. Tiger

The Tiger isn’t just a fierce creature; in Coin Master, it’s your ticket to earning more coins. When you attack another player’s base or village, you earn coins. But with a Tiger by your side, you can boost this number. And as you level up, the Tiger amplifies this boost even further.

2. Rhino

Unlock the Rhino once you complete the Creatures Card Collection. This pet is your guardian, especially during village attacks. Think of Rhino as a pet shield, especially handy when you’re out of regular shields. An active Rhino can block enemy attacks, keeping your village safe. But remember, at base level, the Rhino only has a 10% chance of defending against an attack. Want to increase this? Feed it XP potions!

3. Foxy

Meet Foxy, the first pet you’ll unlock at Village level 4. This clever creature is more than just a cute face. When you raid someone’s base, Foxy is right there with you, acting as an extra shovel to dig up treasures. This means more chances to find coins or even a coveted chest.

Tips, Tricks, and More

Coin Master Daily Spins

Want to become a true Coin Master? It’s not just about spins and coins. Dive into these tips and tricks or explore the rare cards guide. Curious about the different villages? Here’s a comprehensive village list. And for those who love a little mystery, learn how to get ghost mode on Coin Master.

In Conclusion

Coin Master is more than just a game of spins. It’s an adventure where loyal pets accompany you, each with its unique abilities. Whether you’re looking for coin master free spin opportunities, or ways to maximize your pets’ potential, the journey is filled with excitement. So, which pet is your favorite?

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