How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft

Minecraft, a game of endless possibilities, offers players a chance to explore, build, and craft. One such item to craft and collect is the Honeycomb. If you’re new to the world of Minecraft or just looking to understand the intricacies of obtaining Honeycomb, you’re in the right place.

This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring you’re well-equipped for your next adventure. For those new to the game or need a refresher on other aspects, check out how to log in to Minecraft Bedrock Edition or learn how to change your skin in Minecraft.

Finding Bee Nests: The First Step

Before diving into the harvesting process, it’s crucial to understand where to find these nests. Bee nests naturally spawn in the overworld, with varying chances depending on the biome:

Meadow100% chance
Plains/Sunflower Plains5% chance
Flower Forest3% chance
Forest/Birch Forest0.2% chance

Your best bet? Meadows. Once you locate a bee nest, typically, it’s positioned high on a tree’s side, just beneath the leaves.

Harvesting Honeycomb in Survival Mode

While Creative mode players can easily access Honeycomb, Survival mode offers a unique challenge. Bee nests in their natural state usually house 3-4 bees. These bees have a simple routine:

  1. Fly around the nest.
  2. Search for flowers.
  3. Hover around found flowers.
  4. Return to the nest covered in pollen.

Each pollen-covered bee that enters the nest contributes to Honeycomb production. As they continue this cycle, the honey level inside the nest increases. Once it reaches level 5, the nest’s appearance changes, showcasing yellowish-orange holes and dripping honey particles. This is your cue! The nest is ready for harvesting.

Methods of Harvesting

You have two options:

  1. Collect Honey using a Glass Bottle.
  2. Obtain Honeycomb with Shears.

Remember, you can only choose one method. After harvesting, the nest will be empty.

No Bee Nest? No Problem!

If you’re struggling to find a Bee Nest, don’t fret. While the only way to get Honeycomb is from a nest, Meadows and Plains biomes, which have the highest chances of spawning Bee Nests, are commonly generated. So, keep exploring! You might also want to check out how to make a map in Minecraft to aid your search.

Using a Campfire for Safe Harvesting

Harvesting Honeycomb can anger the bees. To avoid getting stung, place a Campfire within 5 blocks or directly beneath the nest. The smoke will keep the bees calm, ensuring a sting-free experience.

Crafting with Honeycomb

minecraft 6

Once you have your Honeycomb, it’s crafting time! Here’s a simple recipe for a Beehive:

Top3 Wooden Planks
Middle3 Honeycomb
Bottom3 Wooden Planks

If Beehives aren’t your thing, remember the naturally spawning nests. For more crafting ideas, like how to craft smooth stone, explore further.

Honeycomb can also be used to craft:

  • Candles (by placing String above Honeycomb).
  • Honeycomb Blocks (by arranging 4 Honeycomb in a square).
  • Coating on Copper building materials to prevent oxidation.

Honeycomb in Minecraft Bedrock

For those on the Bedrock Edition, the Honeycomb harvesting process remains the same. This is especially relevant since, from Update 1.19, owning one version grants access to both Java and Bedrock editions. For more on Minecraft, visit here.

minecraft 1

In conclusion, understanding the process of obtaining Honeycomb can enhance your Minecraft experience. Happy crafting!

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